Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Year Celebration

This past weekend me and my man celebrated a full year of dating. I know there are those 70 yr olds out there who say talk to me when you have 60 under your belt but for us it was a mile marker. We decided not to spend a ton of money on gifts but to make each other something heartfelt and spend the money on a really awesome date.

We started by heading to the Birmingham zoo. The weather was beautiful. We spent several hours walking around. Then headed to Carrabbas for some good Italian food. We ended the night by going to the summit and Starbucks.

As for the gifts we each made things that meant something to one another. Made me a cd of a few songs with him playing his guitar and he built this super awesome recipe box. I love to cook and I have my own recipe cards that I made and needed something to keep them in. He and his dad built this box which is plenty big enough to house some recipe cards for years. I see an heirloom item if you ask me.

I started by making him a photo book using MyPublisher. Very easy software and modern, plus they have deals all the time so they are affordable. I made a scrapbook of sort of all our photos from the past year and then illustrated different parts to turn it into a storybook. With me as the princess and him my knight. I illustrated us into the characters and then used our portrait on the covers and made a little pouch for the book. (He likes photos btw, I know he's different for a guy but I like that) I also make individual ornaments using the portraits. I think we set a good ground and our home can be filled with reminders from good events. Homemade gifts are just awesome in my opinion.

So Happy 1 Year to us and many more to follow.